intuitive tarology

"You'll find no wrongs or rights inside... only mirrors for reflection.
Open your mind... and have fun on your journey."

-- Kim Krans, The Wild Unknown

Are you ready to get to the root of your issue? Are you at a crossroads and need to make a tough decision? Are you seeking a trusted advisor who tells it as it is with love and compassion?

With over two decades of practice reading tarot and oracle systems I have worked exclusively with The Wild Unknown by Kim Krans for the past three years.

With archetypes and themes immersed in the natural world and illustrated in a predominately minimal style these cards speak with a clear and quiet strength. Together we weave a deep medicine, illuminating what lies beneath to allow for resolution and breakthrough with honesty and objectivity.

Holding space for the cards to be your mirror, my readings are highly intuitive, streaming free-flow, to clear the mental detritus which blocks and overwhelms and get back to the core truth that you hold within. All cards carry the medicine to personal expansion; none are ever wholly 'bad' as there is always two sides to all things.

This process can reveal many pathways for exploration - earth medicine, mythological references, ritual or creative process - I gladly present all these touchstones as they arise as tools for your journey.

There are currently two ways Wild Readings work:

:: Balsamic Moon -- with a heightened receptivity to open the doorway between the realms during the new moon, this triptych of cards shines a light on the energies that surround you at this exact moment. Read in unison as direct guidance from Source a reading at this time illuminates where best to focus your intent for the coming cycle and is a way-marker on your unfolding journey. Limited sessions each moon on the Wheel: please see below for next availability.

:: The Burning Question -- a singular, more intricate throw and the core of my practice for which there are no set plans. Using my intuition in the moment on how many cards to best draw for you – always a three card minimum, sometimes 5, occasionally even 7 or 9 – I allow the energy of the reading to unfold organically. As such a true reading of depth arises and is a powerful way to explore the bumps on the road. Available by request, as the need arises.


:: delivered by email within 72hrs of confirmed booking date
:: high-res photo of cards drawn
:: pdf of draw narrative, including specific moon energy for further contemplation
:: complimentary email support 72hrs following delivery

$25.00CAD *with PayPal

:: delivered by email within 72hrs of confirmed payment
:: high-res photo of cards drawn
:: pdf of draw narrative, plus anything else that comes to me while I am writing
:: one week of complimentary email support following delivery

$45.00CAD *with PayPal

It is an honour and a privilege to offer these insightful wisecraft sessions
and one that I sincerely look forward to sharing with you soon.

-- Beka (aka. Ginger*Urchin)


“Beka is so gentle and sweet and knows just when to check in. I felt these cards really resonated with me and are a reflection that I am on the right path: I will continue to take action in alignment with what came up for me...” -- Cindy, NY

"I have benefited from Beka's skills as a personal mentor on numerous occasions over the years. Her incredible and unique insights have helped me to see the whole picture and find my way through many challenges. She is able to listen through my confusion and find clarity in my thoughts and desires to help me lay out a plan of action that has served me so well. I will continue to use her as the incredible resource she is and would highly recommend her services to anyone wise enough to do the same." -- Amanda, BC
I am always impressed by Beka's facility and intuitive ability interpreting the cards. I had a wonderful reading from her and the whole process is incredibly straightforward. The spread drawn for me was very accurate. It helped me understand the situation I was in and helped to provide clarity to me in making my choices. I would definitely recommend Beka if you are looking for an intuitive, objective view of your situation.” -- Tim, London

"Beka's readings for me have been not just uncanny, but motivational. Whilst there's scepticism in the world there's also intuitive connection with the Universe. Beka is born of the second camp. And for me, her readings are inspirational because they force me to consider the stardust we're all made of." -- Saul, UK

intuitive tarology
:: in order to best serve you, I currently offer only five New Balsamic Moon readings each cycle; if requested after all spaces have been filled, you will be notified and reservation given for the next round on the Wheel
:: persons requesting a reading must be at least 18yrs of age
:: due to the nature of the services offered I am unable to accept refunds once the work is begun; if on reflection you wish to cancel your request, please do so by email no less than 72hrs prior to your scheduled booking -- thank you
:: readings will be delivered to email linked to payment; if preferred, please include an alternative in the message to seller
:: all information imparted will be kept in confidence
:: formality requires that I declare that in no way is the feedback given to be taken over that of legal, financial or medical advice; all services offered here are for educational, spiritual +/ recreational purposes only