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You know that thing where you say to yourself, "Oh, blogging! That looks easy! Anyone (and their mother) can do that!" And it is. With free or low cost platform-building tools to get yourself started and a wealth of Pinterest advice on perfecting your blog at your digital fingertips, it can be.

It can be fun, this blogging lark. So much fun! For a long time. Especially when the word starts getting out that you have this amazing thing going. But then your ambition grows and before long you realise that there is so much more to "blogging" - the relentless content creation, marketing and promotion, networking on social media, email newsletters, creating ebooks and classes and organising advertising. Have I scratched the surface yet?

It's a lot for one person to manage at that high level of quality that you expect of yourself, especially when you'd much rather be focused on creating and living that fulfilling lifestyle you long for.

Well, I have a proposal:


With a decade of independent entrepreneurship experience I have: launched + operated 3 blogs; owned two online boutiques for handmade goods + services; organised + facilitated giveaways + promotions; written + edited hundreds of online content articles; designed + coded my own personal blogsites; produced newsletters, pdfs + other graphic digital materials; executed numerous product + lifestyle shoots; and many more activities too numerous to list here.

Prior to going independent I worked in customer support for an international media sales and research corporation, was an administrative executive for a local building design and development company, and worked in the retail and hospitality industries. I even gained a degree in Architecture. You can view my official resume here.

Administrative services offered include:*

:: blog publishing + maintenance
:: graphic design
:: online research
:: social media
:: email newsletters + maintenance
:: advertising + monetisation
:: creative consultant + coaching
:: general assistant services

I say "blogger", but this also applies to any online solo entrepreneur, be they coach, artist, writer or indie biz owner: the same issues arise on the growth journey. With my diverse experience across these disciplines I am uniquely able to be the behind-the-scenes support you need. Especially so when "blogging" is a second or third string to your entrepreneurial bow...

Let's talk!

To book a free, no obligation consultation to discuss how I may assist you, please click the link below. I am excited to meet with you and hear your story!

bloggers VA

"I have benefited from Beka's skills as a personal mentor on numerous occasions over the years. Her incredible and unique insights have helped me to see the whole picture and find my way through many challenges. She is able to listen through my confusion and find clarity in my thoughts and desires to help me lay out a plan of action that has served me so well. I will continue to use her as the incredible resource she is and would highly recommend her services to anyone wise enough to do the same." -- Amanda, Mountain Yogi Studio

*Full service list + project packages available on request // master image c/o Minimography