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Welcome to the GINGER*URCHIN blogsite. Please read the following so as to understand its rules of engagement. If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback please get in touch!

:: Affiliation

GINGER*URCHIN is a 'for profit' blog. I do however only promote things that I personally use and am passionate about. Most notably I am part of the Indiebound affiliate program in support of the independent bookstore community. This means that should you make a purchase through a link hosted here I receive a tiny commission for that. Though this association does not affect your buying experience, it does however help contribute to running this site.

:: Attribution

The ether'verse is full of amazing things and I welcome the opportunity to reach out to a wider audience and contribute to the pool. As such you are free to share what you find here, the only caveat being that you link back to the original post with credit. In sharing to the likes of Pinterest and Facebook you are also free to quote short extracts from posts, again with appropriate credit.

:: Comments

I absolutely love hearing from my readers and always welcome constructive comments that add to the conversation. Differing opinions are allowed, but I kindly ask that in expressing these a respectful tone is honoured. Comments I deem as offensive or otherwise inappropriate will be removed at my discretion.

:: Copyright

Please note that all words and photographs on this site are © Beka Buckley, unless stated otherwise.

:: Disclaimer

All opinions and recommendations on this blogsite are mine alone based on personal experience and understanding of the topics discussed. As such what you choose to do with and how you choose to interpret the information is your responsibility alone. If in any doubt, please seek the advice of a qualified medical, legal, or other appropriate professional.

:: Privacy

For the purposes of fulfilling visitor requests such as receiving emails, feed updates, product +/ service purchases this site, with the assistance of external tools (eg PayPal), may gather contact + personal information with the sole knowledge + consent of the user. In addition, personal contact information may be gathered in the process of using the comment form. Any personal information gathered in such manners is held securely, in confidence using those external tools + is subject to their codes of conduct. Furthermore, it is my personal commitment to safeguard your data + to the best of my ability it will not be sold or shared with any unauthorised party. If at any time you no longer wish to receive updates from this site, or to have any personal data removed, you may do so using the tools provided. This includes the deletion of browser 'cookies' if enabled.

Thank you for your attention.

*updated: May 2018