26 February 2017

of blue jay

stellar's jaystellar's jay // Clarke Moody








higher knowledge


scattered energy




//
Jay Power, by Ina Woolcott
Animal Speak, by Ted Andrews
Animal Spirit Guides, by Steven Farmer

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19 February 2017

introducing the new moon missives

I would like to write to you.

You know, like more than now. In this fashion.

It has been on my mind to start doing so via a private list for, well, probably since forever! Honestly, I had a lot of hang-ups about it. What the devil to talk about beyond what I share here, and why offer this alternative method anyway when so many of our inboxes are already so clogged with these sorts of things? I just didn’t want to add to the noise.

Remember the days of You’ve Got Mail..? Oh, the sweet sound of dial-up!

vintage correspondencevintage correspondence // Florian Klauer

It’s not that I didn’t get the reason why I should have a list. I did. I do.

It was rather my own experiences of signing up to these things that really made me question what I would be adding to the encounter. Sometimes having a deeply strong sense of integrity can really work against you, you know?

I am sure that much like me, you do not want yet another pdf or ebook that will sit in your digital archive, another community that you do not have time for, another resource library that you have to remember to revisit on the off-chance there is an update, or even (what is becoming the trend now) an email series that requires your repeated focus.

These are all time-consuming activities, that while interesting and potentially helpful, more often than not detract from The Work through shear overwhelm of too. much. information.

So what does that mean for my own list?

All this to say, for these reasons I have chosen to start out small and (relatively) low key. No frills, no glitz. Just me sharing my thoughts once a month about what’s going on behind the screen – in my life, my enterprise, my process: the back story to living a creative, renaissance soulful life.

In doing so it is my hope that in telling my story, you see a mirror to your own.

To support and compliment the stories, there will be reflections and insights from my favourite cartomancy tools and a small curated selection of my favourite findings from across the realms of creativity, spirituality and mental health for your contemplation that month.

In time these New Moon Missives may expand to new things and new offers, but for now I simply invite you to join me for some extended commentary on building a creative life.

subscribe form

The first of these will go out this coming new moon, February 26th.

I hope to meet you there.

:: BEKA ::

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12 February 2017

handmade drawstring oracle bag

diy drawstring bag

With the recent arrival of my latest spirit deck and guidebook for the Sacred Creators Oracle from Chris-Anne I realised I needed something to contain the cards alone between uses rather than the lovely, but rather large, box they originally came in.

My solution was to create a very simple drawstring bag using materials from my existing stash. The project was so simple that other than some initial modification of the free pattern I found, I completed it all in just one day. The hand-stitching took a little longer (and more patience) than expected due to the type of thread I chose, but the result was worth that extra time.

diy drawstring bagdiy drawstring bag

Handmade using adapted instructions from Thuy Do, this natural linen pull-string oracle bag is stamped with gold acrylic and hand-stitched gold thread. With room to spare for a special crystal and other small ritual must-haves, simple grosgrain ribbon pull strings keep the contents secure inside.

If you fancy having a go at making such a bag, you can see this and more tutorial links in my MAKE*IT pin'board here.

Tell me: what small creative project have you made lately?

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05 February 2017

of raccoon

raccoonraccoon at Stanley Park // Lizzy Gadd










reveal what is hidden

true self



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