04 December 2016

closing out the year with december reflections

susannah conway december reflectionssusannah conway december reflectionssusannah conway december reflections

With the holidays just around the corner and a huge project that I am in the last act of putting to bed in readiness for its reveal to the world come the New Year, I have decided to take a sort of, kind of sabbatical from this space and join Susannah Conway for her December Reflections project.

Much like the annual August Break that I have participated in, it is a month of photo prompts to share in our online spaces, with words or not. Nice and simple. Weaving some mindfulness and calm into our days into and through the end of year holiday season.

Naturally, I'll be posting my photos each day on Instagram, where you can also explore the growing collection of images from the project community with hashtag #DecemberReflections2016.

If you'd like to find out more about the project and join us, you can do so here.

In the meantime I'd love to hear how you are inviting self care and ease into your end of year plans: please share with me in the comments, thank you.

:: BEKA ::

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27 November 2016

sleepy sheep eye mask diy

sheep sleep eye mask diy

Years ago I have to admit I was a little disorientated by just how dark the night's were here by comparison to our previous urban location. When the punks were little we installed night lights so we could all find our way around after dark. It is something that we still have in our bathroom today, but our bedroom now has to be as dark as possible for this monkey-mind to get a good night's rest. And so it was that I recently started to have some new sleep issues when some exterior lighting was installed nearby.

My solution? An excuse to get crafty + make myself a fun new eye mask - my freebie airline one was no longer doing it for me!

Looking for a fun diy to follow I was really surprised that no one seemed to have created a sleepy sheep eye mask, and though I looked at all sorts of other creative designs it was clear that a sheep-themed mask was what I had to make. With a certain gift-giving holiday not far away, this might be something you may also like to make for a favourite friend or loved one. I made mine in less than a day (photo time included) following the outline below.

To create your own sleepy sheep eye mask, you will need:

printed copy of original pattern* - download here // assorted colours of acrylic/wool blend craft felt // piece of wool felt or similar for padding // assorted embroidery threads // length of 1 cm wide elastic // cotton thread // fabric scissors // pins // pencil/tailor's chalk // sewing needles // tape measure

*Although you can use the pattern straight off the printer, I always like to transfer it by hand to tracing paper as it is more flexible than regular printer paper, especially for those smaller, fiddly detail pieces.

sheep sleep eye mask diysheep sleep eye mask diysheep sleep eye mask diy

One: Begin by cutting out all your pattern pieces from your chosen felt. I was using what I had to hand, so my face + backing pieces were from two shades of grey felt, while the padding piece was from some thicker 100% wool felt I have.

Two: Cut along curve of stitch marks for each eye on the pattern + fold open. Align the pattern over one of the felt pieces that will become the face of your eye mask + trace the curves with pencil to mark where to sew features. Draw in remaining stitch lines by hand.

Three: Using a back-stitch embroider eyes + nose onto face. Position hair + cheeks onto face side + pin in place before stitching with coordinating embroidery thread.

sheep sleep eye mask diysheep sleep eye mask diysheep sleep eye mask diy

Four: Measure the circumference of your noggin, holding the tape in the position you are eventually going to wear the mask (eg. around the back of your hairline, over your ears + across your eyebrows). To calculate the length of elastic you will need, subtract the width of the mask (18 cm) from your head circumference. Pin each end of your elastic in place just under the 'ears' of your back eye mask piece before stitching securely with cotton thread.

Five: Stack all the layers together - backing piece (with stitched elastic), padding + completed face piece - and pin together.

Six: Finally, blanket stitch the three layers together all the way around the mask, starting along the bottom edge nearest one end of the elastic. Give the sleep mask a light press on the reverse before wearing for the first time.

sheep sleep eye mask diysheep sleep eye mask diy

Sheep dreams!

:: BEKA ::

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20 November 2016

of hare

snowshoe harecanadian snowshoe hare in winter colours, Tony Beck // via The Beauty of Wildlife




quick thinking




lunar cycle




quick footed

:: BEKA ::

// further reading //
Animal Spirit Guides, by Stephen Farmer
Hare Totem, by Orly Niran Yahalom

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