Wednesday, August 24

Mini office upgrade inspiration


This space has been a little quieter than I was considering it would be this past month. Gone is the flurry of activity of the spring as many of the things that were initiated are either pending timing or waiting response.

The summer IS quieter in many respects, but unlike previous years I chose not to completely unplug from my endeavours here, while at the same time switching to other projects and activities while school is out for the punks.

With this slowing down and stepping back, naturally space was made for new things to come forward. One of which was my revisiting again the next step to our home co-working office space.

Prior to last winter this space I now share was entirely mine to conduct all my art and online activities. But with the events of the past two years my husband, who for a long time worked occasionally at home, was able to finally increase that to a more in-depth thing.

After months of camping out 'hot desking' from our sunroom couch, I finally took pity on him and decided that he really should have a better situation from which to base himself at home. So in a bit of a whirlwind we drew up plans for a reworked office space, bought a new desk for me and within a few days he was ensconced in our revamped office.

It still needs some work - mostly to organise some better storage for the craft supplies I have accumulated over the years, but also to smarten it up some more and feel less 'MacGyver'.


One such improvement I want at my end of the office is to install a feature wall and better backdrop for video - something that I know for sure has become quite the talking point over the last little while as folks adapted to their temporary new work digs.

After considering a number of options I settled upon the surprising choice of a minimalist faux brick wall corner feature. Surprising because, BRICK! Red brick no, but white or grey brick? Totally yes! Right now I am narrowing down my choice of how best to achieve this new look - a choice between either one single panelling board or roll of removable 'peel and stick' wallpaper.

Both have their pros and cons.

While the board is accessible locally and is the less expensive option, delivery and transportation is an issue. PLUS, when installed it will be adhered to the surface of the already existing drywall and so there will be an inconsistency of surface levels, as well as the potential extra thickness should I wish to hang something yet still in front of. The peel and stick wallpaper meanwhile, eliminates the cons of the board, but is neither available locally nor inexpensive once shipping etc is included.

Decisions, decisions...

In the meantime, I have been gathering inspiration for the overall 'mood' I wish to convey over on Pinterest, a few of which I am sharing here below. As you will see ultimately the point of a feature wall is the wall is the feature, no need to embellish...

*images sourced via Home My Design and Shelterness // lead image c/o D Marie Interiors


Thursday, August 18

Getting the most from sound healing


So this week, in my quest to explore this new avenue, I went for my first sound healing session. To experience for myself how another practitioner did things, experience live the various instruments I have been learning about and to enjoy the experience of RECIEVING sound healing.

There are only a very few practitioners in my area, though there are some and obviously this is a growing area of self-development and therapeutic support in the wider community. And although there were a couple practitioners close by to me, in the end I decided to travel that bit farther - 2hrs in fact - to a studio that I felt was in alignment with what I was seeking.

And so I thought it would be helpful to share what I found made this first timer experience a really beautiful and valuable one and that would set myself up for all future such experiences. A kind of check list of sorts.



So like I said, there are a few locations near to me that offer sound healing. Not yet knowing anyone in the community that does this, and wanting to get on this as soon as possible, I Google'd SOUND HEALERS for options to explore.

The one caveat to this was that like with most things these days, somehow the internet knows when you are looking for things, and I think it was on Instagram that I first saw an ad for the studio I did end up going to, but looking on Google for other possibilities is always good practice. Don't always go with the first thing that comes up, you know?

Anyways, after looking at these other places, I felt the studio I chose offered the right atmosphere and right modality of experience for what I was seeking. Which ties in with, and leads me to:


Having a clear REASON for wanting a sound healing session is kind of the number one thing to be clear of in choosing who to work with in the first instance, and then for each of the subsequent sessions after.

For me, I simply wanted to get the full experience of a sound healing session and to see how another practitioner worked. For me, this first session was research, to simply enjoy the experience of this new modality and see what came up for me through it.

I did not go to resolve or discover anything specifically so far as mental or physical issues, though these can and often ARE reasons people seek sound healing. For me, and the way I feel sound healing is best utilised is in tapping into our subconscious mind. Like journeying to the beat of a shaman's drum, only with more variance and less external direction, sound healing is a meditative experience that opens us up to POSSIBILITY in ways that are not intrusive or forced.

Through this open and RECIVEVING intention we can allow insights and release that through other means are not accessed to be so. One can also see its relation and similarity almost to lucid dreaming during which we are between the worlds of conscious and unconscious.


The days leading up to my sound session I was getting excited and with that some bubbling energy that disrupted my sleep somewhat. To counter that I routinely practiced some deep breathing and grounding processes and drank lots of water and hydration mixes.

During the drive to the studio despite allowing plenty of time to get there, my anxiety was triggered big time due to unforeseen traffic conditions (I think we must have hit every red light going). Giving yourself as much time as possible to arrive that little bit earlier so you can be as calm a mind as possible is SUPER advisable. Fortunately I was taking a solo private session and as soon as I stepped through the door all that energy dissipated.

What was good was being dressed in loose, comfy and lightweight clothing that allowed me to sit and then lay on the mat without restriction or distraction. I watched another guide recently who talked about being comfy but not necessarily wearing your pyjamas and it made me think of the recent story about Angelina Jolie and her silk PJ ensemble and my own 'ready for bed' choices when travelling long distance. I don't see why it wouldn't work for a sound healing session either, save it's ability to tie in with the rest of your day's schedule.

Although I didn't end up needing the extra blanket, pillow or eye-mask I had been advised to bring, what WAS good was having a thermos of cold water for refreshment and revival after the experience. Even just the hour-long session I had (some sound baths can go on 90-120mins) was much like a good nap and the desire to stretch and hydrate after was clear. I think I might have also benefited from taking a light, nutritious snack also to ground myself back into reality and would definitely have something on hand the next time.


Really last of all once you are happy with your choice of location, know your purpose for attending and have prepared yourself mentally and physically as best you can, all that remains is to allow the process to unfold.

I think having super specific expectations and all that puts WAY too much pressure on ourselves and can leave us feeling deficient in our outcomes when it comes to this kind of experience. When we try to control rather than having that child-like playfulness of EXPERIMENTATION and openness to the 'what if', that's where all these things can get us unstuck.

Like a lot of energy work, the effect can be SUPER subtle and can take a while - maybe even several sessions - to begin to see the shift. Sometimes there can be that noticeable bubble burst of release, but often it is a lot more gentle than that. That doesn't mean it's not 'working', but that a certain point of readiness has yet to be reached.

In the meantime, while we wait for the subtle energies to shift, we can enjoy and take benefit from the extra calm and comfort that sound healing brings, switching our nervous system from that fight-flight-freeze state and tension that our modern daily lives create to one of inner peace*.

For myself, I was grateful to the practitioner who made time for me in her summer schedule, sharing her skills and gifting me with a wonderful experience that I am delighted to have found. It is this experience that I too now wish to pass on with others.


Wednesday, August 3

What is the Lion's Gate Portal?


For this week and next I am offering a super limited number of highly specific tarology readings to explore what this year's Lion's Gate Portal can reveal to those that seek it regarding the bridge between where folks are now and where they want to be.

My first introduction to this annual astrological event was the year the date coincided with a solar eclipse - a particularly potent alignment between our sun, Sol, our moon, and planet along with the elements that create this 'portal' effect.

So I am neither a student or advocate for astrology. But I AM one of ancient history and mythology, with a sprinkling of astronomy and science, so I can appreciate how natural phenomenon observed by humans inspired the stories that still influence us today.

For me, like other astrological events of note, they are more about receiving the awareness and reminders of what is available to us ALWAYS, more than their being critical moments of specific action (or inaction). Especially when they involve astral bodies far (some of which are light-YEARS) distant to us here on Earth.

But this phenomena intrigued me. So on a quest to take the opportunity to conduct a tarology reading for myself, I drafted a 'gateway' spread to explore the concept behind it more. And it proved super insightful and thorough in its working - not just for myself, but for the friends I shared it with at the time also.

It is this spread that I now offer to read for others at this time.

But what IS the Lion's Gate Portal exactly? What is its significance?


According to astrological observation, the Lion's Gate Portal is the window of alignment between the Earth, the Sun's appearance in the constellation of Leo, Orion's Belt and the 'dog' star Sirius. This annual event takes about two weeks to complete its path - its most potent moment is August 8th when Sirius is at it's zenith. It is this particular date that gets all the press and attention because of the additional meanings associated with it in combination with the other.

There is a LOT of information online about the Lion's Gate Portal in relation to the significance of Sirius and it's numerological meanings, but not so much mention of why Orion's Belt is also important - an omission I find rather curious.

Orion's Belt has a MASSIVE trove of mythology and influence associated with it, most significantly for the Lion's Gate Portal the ancient Egyptians (from which modern astrology originates*) and who even built pyramids in mirror representation of what they observed above them, understood it to be the gateway between the worlds. Between the mortal and after-life. To them Orion's Belt was a sign of resurrection and rebirth - not in just a literal sense, but one that could revive and rejuvenate THIS life. When put in association with the Lion's Gate Portal it is is potentially a time of access between dimensions. And what is future, can be brought into the NOW.

In modern times, the sighting of Orion's Belt is a reminder that the Universe is trying to get your attention in order to pass on an important message. It's consistent arrangement in our night's sky for millennia is a reminder that right positioning is a key factor in our success - in mind, skill, and voice.* This visual ties in really nicely with the stories of Orion as the successful Hunter.


Meanwhile, believed to infuse Earth with extra energy and light due to its being the brightest star in our night sky, the return of Sirius sighted in the morning sky signified the start of the new year and farming season also for ancient Egyptians. It is not hard to see, therefore why this enigmatic star holds a highly influential activating energy.

And lastly, that number 8. If no other correspondence, laying on its side, the symbol for infinity and the intersection of the physical and the spiritual, the internal and external, EIGHT is the bridge between.

All this to say that meaning is POWERFUL. Reinforcement and repetition even more so when getting a point across. The upshot and takeaway being that if you resonate with these things - which for all my other scepticism surrounding astrology GENERALLY I can see the connection and appreciate its importance - then the Lion's Gate Portal is an unmissable opportunity to see into that other dimension. To get a peek, an insight into how we might course-correct to move nearer to that which we seek.

At the very last, this is just a possibility. An opportunity to consider. Free-will will ALWAYS reign as to what happens next...


Anyways, if you would like one of these 'limited edition' LION'S GATE readings, at a glance they consist of:

  • 8 spots available - first come, first served
  • 8-card spread intuitively drawn from my go-to Kim Krans decks
  • interpretation report delivered via email + including 1x high-res photo of cards pulled
  • plus, additional notes + journal prompts for further exploration
  • $88.cad

To claim your spot and receive payment portal details, please reach out via my CONTACT page, asap. Unlike my other tarology sessions LION'S GATE READINGS will not include my usual intake questionnaire or booking process due to their fixed intention in this instance.

Thank you.


"I just wanted to say how much I loved this spread. Soooo insightful and I love that it covers all areas of your life so you get a really clear, balanced reading. Really fantastic, so thank you!" -- Zoe, Silversmith


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